Who is the FabLife31 Woman


Hey There!

I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself, I’m Ashley Janae and I’m the face of FabLife31. I take so much pride in the life I live. I’m that girl that gets dressed to check the mail, I wear heels to the supermarket, bold lips and my fro in the workplace. I go the extra mile to present myself to the world like I OWN it. This is not just for my appearance either! My home, relationships & personal life also get this supreme attention.  I strongly believe that everyday is a gift and I owe it to God and myself to be FABULOUS daily. I started this blog in the hopes that my personal journey, can be an inspiration to women everywhere. I’m not perfect by any means but I make the choices for my life based on the promises of God and the direction I see myself going. We are all powerful, but it’s all about the way we choose to respond to life itself. Through the pages of this blog, you will follow me on my journey of living out my true God given purpose. I’m using this space as a form of expression and personal accountability to constantly take action on my life goals/interests. It’s great to receive tips and advice about things, but to see someone in action is true inspiration. So Fablife31 will be the place where the multi-faceted woman can come and get inspired by a woman in action.

What inspired the name: It’s pretty simple, it represents living a fabulous life. The number 31 is inspired by the ultimate woman in action from proverbs 31. Her ability to multi-task with grace, faith and love is the ultimate motivation. A true representation of what it means to let the light of God shine through you or in other words to literally GLOW through life.

Topics/Categories: Love, food, inspiration & lifestyle. All the things that make life fun! I’m by no means a guru or expert in any of these areas, just simply navigating my way through life and learning what works best for me. My prayer is that my journey of knowledge gained, mistakes & successes will be a blessing to someone. Hoping that you’ll join me on the journey of being fabulous.everyday.in every way ❤



7 Replies to “Who is the FabLife31 Woman”

  1. When I met you almost 30 years ago I didn’t see the”S”on your chest! But now that it stands out so boldly it’s no surprise! !!!!! So proud of you my God daughter! !!!!! Your directions seem so very clear !!!!


  2. You’ve inspired me so much since launching your site/book. Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us and I’m looking forward to seeing you blow up!!


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